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Podcast Ep14: NEAT- Daily Fat Burning

Burn It Nutrition Podcast

Simple & Effective Strategies to Increase Your Daily Fat Burning

 Show notes for Episode #14

We will learn simple and effective strategies to allow your body to increase its daily fat burning abilities. To do this, we will dive into NEAT which is short for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis and how it can be used to help in a body transformation as well as in General Health.

My goal with this episode is to help see the importance of applying more movement and activity into one’s lifestyle that when combined with a healthy diet can have profound long-term health benefits.

These simply yet effective strategies for increased fat loss are a great option, especially for those who don’t have the time to hit the gym yet still want to find ways to be active and include more movement into their day.

Plus we learn how to make the Ultimate Keto Salad!!

I hope you enjoy the show!!

The Burn it Nutrition Podcast is a show focused on health and fitness with the use of sound and stories to help illustrate the message. We want to help spark body transformations with the use of strategic methods for weight loss. This podcast will be releasing fun and interesting shows, that will be informative and motivational to help you reach your goals!

The show is hosted by Joseph Navarro, who went through his own transformation, Losing 60lbs of pure fat in 7 Months. Tune in and brace yourself for it’s time to let it Burn!!

Timed Stamp Show Notes

00:20= Intro

01:20 = News & Announcements – Fat Stick!!

05:10 = A sedentary life won’t be Worthy of Remembering

08:05 = We learn from the Body Transformation of my older Brother

12:37 = We hear from our sponsor about Pili Nuts

14:10 = The Dangers of Living a Sedentary Lifestyle

16:35 = We learn what exactly is Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT)

20:35 = We dive into the Strategies to increase your daily NEAT

26:35 = Add some dancing into your Day

28:17 = Recipe for the day! we got the Ultimate Keto Salad

30:43 = Closing thoughts
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