My N=1 Experiment
“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
When I began my body transformation the number on the scale was all I cared about. I was in my twenties and like most people my age, caring about other factors like cholesterol and

Burn It Nutrition Podcast How do I know I am Keto-Adapted? Chasing Ketones | Testing for Ketosis & Fat-Adaption   Show notes for Episode #30 We cover the question everyone eventually has when going keto and that is “How do I know I am in ketosis?” As well as the other more important question, “How do I know I am keto-adapted also called fat adapted?” Towards the end of the show, we will cover the cluesRead More
Burn It Nutrition Podcast Alcohols affect on Keto & Weight Loss w/ Todd White of Dry Farm Wines  Show notes for Episode #29 A spotlight on Alcohol to learn its history & the science to see what occurs when we have too many drinks! Learn the effects alcohol has on weight loss and how alcohol fits into a keto diet. We also cover some of the smartest ways to have a drink while keeping healthRead More
Burn It Nutrition Podcast Exogenous Ketones w/Dr. Adam Nally Everything you need to know about these Ketone Supplements  Show notes for Episode #28 Spotlight on exogenous ketones to learn what the science says are the actual benefits. We bring in one of the leading minds in this field and that is Dr. Adam Nally to break down the science. Also, we will clear up the confusion on the claims of exogenous ketones being a weightRead More
Burn It Nutrition Podcast Paleo & Keto Diets How They Compare Allies VS Common Enemy the SAD diet!  Show notes for Episode #27 Get an understanding of the theory behind the paleo diet and how it differs from the ketogenic diet. To give you a better idea on which diet fits your lifestyle so you can make this next your of your life the best one yet. Also, we will clear up the confusion onRead More
Burn It Nutrition Podcast Set Goals & Overcome Lack of Motivation w/ Self Discipline    Show notes for Episode #26 Today show we will learn how to not rely on just motivation to achieve personal excellence and some tips to help keep you on track towards your set goals! but first, we will hear of the inspiring story of young man named Terry Fox who took on some of the most difficult hurdles many face todayRead More
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