Welcome to our page of recommendations for supplements and tools that can help you reach your goals and upgrade your life.

I see supplements as an investment in myself since providing my body with what it needs to function improves all other aspects of my life.

Your health should also be a priority in your life, and there are few better places to invest than in your health.


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General Health Recommendations


Most people don’t have a huge variety in the foods they eat on a weekly basis. I am the same way, I like sticking to my regular meals that I really enjoy. The issue here is that we won’t get the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals needed to have a body working like a well-oiled machine. That is why it’s important to add a multivitamin to your supplements to fill any holes in your nutrition. Garden of Life is a trusted brand that get their supplements verified for quality. They are made with real whole foods that allow your body to better absorb their benefits. They are a bit costly so what I do is split the dose in half. This way I fill those gaps that my food missed without breaking the bank. Here is the Vitamin Code specifically made for men.


Garden of Life has done the same process to get quality sources for their vitamins specifically designed for women. They have adjusted certain elements to fit their needs since women have additional factors to consider which make them beautifully complex. This trusted brand gets their supplements verified for quality and are made with real whole foods that allow your body to better absorb their benefits. Again, they may be a bit costly but your future self will thank you for.


In the Standard American Diet Omega 6 fats are over consumed leading to an imbalance of omega 6 to 3 ratio. Most restaurants use refined vegetable oils like canola oil and it’s not uncommon to see the imbalance of around 20-1. when this occurs, we see a rise in inflammation, heart disease, obesity and many other chronic illnesses. To balance this issue we must find a good source of Omega 3s with a high concentration of DHA and EPA. Here is a good brand to help feed your cells what they need.


MCT or Medium-chain triglycerides is one of the most important supplement I use every day. This will be an easy way to add a hunger blunting and energy boosting source of healthy fats to your day. MCT is a clean and rapid source of energy that bypasses the digestive process and instead goes straight to the liver where it converts into ketones for our super-human fuel. It can be added to your coffee to help your morning fast and spark your focus to hit your goals. MCT has greatly improved my life and I am so thankful I found it.


Magnesium deficiency is a growing issue that can easy be made right. Magnesium is available in many forms but magnesium citrate has the best absorption by the body. It will help calm the nerves and reduce anxiety of everyday life. I take it before bed to help get a great night’s rest. Sleep is a key pillar for optimum health and so you want to make sure to do all you can to get quality sleep. Magnesium citrate will help you wake up feeling rested and ready to take on whatever your day brings. It also helps with your digestion and relieves muscle spasms. Here is a great source to add to your super-human supplements.


Potassium Citrate is an electrolyte that helps our body with the electrical charges that occur each and every day. It is crucial in having a fully functioning heart and so, it's best to have adequate levels to maintain health. Most people think that bananas are the best source of potassium but unfortunately, they are really high in carbs and won’t be ideal when fat loss is your goal. A better choice is avocados which have almost double the amount. If eating avocados every day isn’t something you like then I suggest getting this supplement.


Vitamin D3 is close to the top of the list of supplements that should be taken. Our body makes it with the use of sunlight but since most of us work indoors, the deficiency of this crucial vitamin is widespread. Vitamin D3 is important for the creation of the happy hormone serotonin and also helps with strong bones, muscle function and in the prevention of heart disease. Here is a great option to help get this much needed sunshine vitamin into your day.


The Thyroid gland plays a key role in the bodies endocrine system. It is a bowtie like gland in front of your neck that secretes a hormone called T4 and T3. The cells in the body need the thyroid hormones for the regulation of the metabolism. A normal thyroid gland will produces around 80% T4 and only 20% T3. We want to convert the T4 to T3 since it holds close to four times the hormone "strength" as T4. The “T” stands for Tyrosine and the 4 stands for the 4 Iodine molecules it contains. Proper thyroid health will convert this T4 to the much stronger T3 that we need. This supplement has key ingredients like Selenium, Iodine, Vitamin B-12 and Zinc. Which are crucial for helping your body achieve optimal thyroid health. The ingredient selenium helps support the enzymes that remove one the iodine molecule and allow the conversion to the active T-3 form. In the best case scenario, we would be getting these key ingredients from the food we eat, but this isn’t always the case. This supplement should help fill the gaps in our nutrition to have a healthy thyroid which can be seen as one of the master glands that is very important for weight loss and general health.


Chromium is a metallic element that the human body needs small amounts of to help in the metabolic process that controls blood sugar. It aids the hormone insulin deliver glucose into the body’s cells to be used for energy. Low levels of chromium may increase the chances of developing insulin resistance which usually leads to Type 2 Diabetes. Another benefit of chromium is in helping raise the HDL (Good) Cholesterol, which is important for heart health.


There has been an increasing level of evidence showing the importance of a healthy gut micro biome. It may be hard to believe but your gut is home to trillions of bacteria and a vast variety of organisms that help manage a large part of how the body functions. A good probiotic will help keep a healthy level of microbes and allow for improved immune system, better digestion and helps with fat loss.


Curcumin will provide the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of turmeric, which has been the most popular spice in Indian culture and an essential part of Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years. Curcumin has shown to enhance BDNF or Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor which is linked to boost brain function


Vitamin C is found easily available in fruits but since fruit is high in natural sugar it has to be greatly reduced when fat loss is your goal. So it is a good idea to add a Vitamin C supplement to help get this vitamin into your system. It has an important role in strengthening the immune system of our body, which protects us from colds and coughs. It also helps in the absorption of iron and so strengthens the body’s resistance to infection and helps the fight against certain viruses.


Many people use calcium for strong bones but without vitamin K2 added, this can be problematic. Vitamin K2s biological role is to assist in channeling calcium that’s flowing through the body and move it to areas it needs to be in, like the bones and teeth. This helps in removing excess calcium from places it will cause issues like the arteries and soft tissue. If uncontrolled calcium is flowing through the blood, can lead to calcification of the arteries. So in order to corral the calcium and place it where it needs to be, add this supplement to your list.


L-Carnitine is a helpful aid when becoming a fat burning machine. It helps your body in the use of fats as a fuel source, which is helpful when eating higher sources of healthy fats. It assists in transferring long-chain triglycerides into the mitocanrdia where it is converted into energy. L-Carnitine has helped people with kidney and heart issues, also helps with type 2 diabetes since it increases glucose oxidation. This is a great addition to your daily list of superhuman supplements.


Vitamin B12 is an energy vitamin. It plays a big role in the development of blood and nerve cells, as well as supporting a healthy brain and immune system. This crucial vitamin is only found in animal foods like eggs, meat, shellfish, and dairy. It’s not uncommon to see up to 15% of people who are deficient in B12, unfortunately they are usually vegetarians. Individuals who may also consider this supplement are people with celiac disease and other digestion issues, especially if passed 50 years old.


This is the “gold standard” for testing your ketones. It gives you the most accurate method to test if the food your eating is allowing you to become Ketogenic. This method of testing gives you a measurement of the ketone B-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) through a small pinprick of blood. The readings range from 0.5-1.0 mmol/L, which is the first stages of nutritional ketosis to 1-3.0 mmol/L, said to be the best range to be in. The meter is affordable but the strips can get pretty expensive. Here is a set that comes with everything you need. Now testing isn’t mandatory but helpful in the start of your transformation.


Knowing your blood sugar levels with the use of a glucometer is one of the most important things you can track on your weight loss journey. This inexpensive meter, will give you readings of your blood sugar levels. That way you can see how well you tolerate certain foods, especially carbs. Take notice on how your blood sugar responds after eating a low-carb high-fat (LCHF) meal versus a carb filled low fat meal like pasta or white potato. Just a hint the second meal will show worst results. Having normal levels of blood sugar is key to overall health. Here is a set that will get you started.



BCAAs or Branched-Chain Amino Acids are beneficial in preventing muscle breakdown and recovery when doing resistance training. When going through a body transformation, muscle is very important, since it takes more calories to maintain. This will keep your metabolism working and allow for faster fat loss. BCAAs will help you keep that toned and lean muscle you worked so hard to get, especially when doing fasted training.


If you’re doing heavy resistance training, then some quality protein will assist in reaching your protein needs. I usually like to get my protein from whole food sources but sometimes the busyness of life gets in the way and a protein shake will come in handy, plus they taste amazing. With the right ingratiates, this can feel like you’re having an ice cream shake. Or you can have it in the mornings with some leafy green veggies to give you that boost of healthy energy with zero carbs.


Collagen is a long-chain amino acid and is one of the richest sources of proteins in our bodies. It is very helpful in the development of healthy skin, strong hair and proper building of connective tissue. It is made up of the amino acids Proline, Glycine, Arginine and Hydroxyproline. In our primitive era, humans would have found this key supplement in their animal foods, notably in the bones and connective tissue. It is an important element to our health and unfortunately, our bodies ability to make its own collagen reduces with old age. As well as, with a bad diet and unhealthy lifestyle habits. Anecdotal evidence has shown that women especially can use this collagen powder to help their efforts with intermittent fasting. They can add a small amount of this key amino acids to their morning MCT coffee. Men and women can both add this collagen to any post workout protein shake to help rebuild strong muscles, joints and connective tissues.


This is a great option for any home gym since they have a good range of adjustable weight to fit most your needs. It will save lots of space and they are well built and durable. This will help build your strength and increase your muscle size to help burn more fat in the process.


This a one of the best activity monitors on the market for a reasonable price. You can use it as a stop watch to track your workouts and track your heart rate. I currently use the Fit blaze but it is pretty costly. This is a good option and should give you all you need.


When starting a body transformation, tracking your progress is helpful in giving you the boost in motivation when you see your making progress. But don’t make the mistake of just watching the number on the scale to see how you are doing. You want to track your actual body fat percentage as well as the inches you are losing. Giving you a better picture of your progress through your journey. This affordable and easy to use body fat meter (with tape measure included) will help you keep track of the truly important numbers you want to watch for.



This is a great option to replace normal flour!! You can use it to make yummy homemade baked goods like the Low-carb Keto cinnamon pecan bread. I make these almond flour recipes whenever I get a craving for bread but it’s usually only once or twice a month. Remember almonds are a higher source of omega-6 fats and they should be moderated since they can cause some inflammation and irritation to your belly. Normally I like to stick to real whole foods and only see this as a treat.


This is also a great option to replace normal flour!! I usually mix both almond and coconut flour when I bake to reduce the amount of nuts. I also add a scoop or two of some low-carb protein powder when I make my bread. This can also be used to make breaded chicken by replacing the flour breading with this coconut flour.


The crystallization of these sea salt beds began hundreds of millions of years ago, where the Himalayan mountains are now. This pink salt, packed with a variety of mineral-rich elements is embedded deep inside the Himalayan mountains. Now that it is being mined out, it can be delivered straight to your kitchen. It is one of the purest forms of salt available to us and even though it comes from the mountains of the Himalayas it is still considered a sea salt. This is because it first formed from a large salted body of water. It’s important to stay away from commercially refined table salt because it has almost all of its key minerals removed. Plus, standard table salts are usually bleached and cleaned with unnatural chemicals. They also include anti-caking agents to help raise their shelf-life, which isn’t something you want inside of your foods. Here is a great Himalayan salt that will give you a 250-million-year-old mineral for your recipes, I don’t know about you but I think that’s pretty cool.


If you’re going to have peanut butter, then it’s best to find a healthier way of doing it. Here is a brand that makes natural peanut butter that is Non-GMO, Gluten free and comes with no preservatives or added sugar. If you have no food sensitives towards peanuts, then this is a good addition to any post workout protein shake or as a spread for your low-carb breads. It provides you with a delicious source of fats and protein with minimal sugar.


Going Low carb doesn’t mean you can’t ever have Pizza or Pasta - You can!! You just have to be smart about it and use the right ingredients. You will find simple ways of making healthier versions of these forbidden foods on the recipe section of these site. Here is a great low-carb arrabbiata sauce. It’s comes with a good kick of spice but if you prefer normal tomato sauce, Rao’s makes a good low carb version of that flavor also.


When going low carb, its best to avoid sweeteners to help your brain and taste buds adjust to this new lifestyle. Doing this will reduce cravings for sweets and let you taste the sweetness in foods you never considered sweet. But in order to make a low-carb ketogenic diet a true lifestyle, we need to find ways of making certain foods sweet from time to time. This is where Stevia comes to the rescue, this is a leafy green plant that is native to South American. For centuries, native people have used it for certain home remedies but we can use it as a healthy, all natural, non-caloric sweetener. I consider Stevia my number one go-to sweetener of choice. It has two potent sweet compounds that are used from the leaf called Stevioside and Rebaudioside A. These have a very effective sweetening agent, so keep in mind that a little goes a long way. There are liquid and powdered forms of Stevia, the liquid is best for beverages, like coffee and teas. While the powdered form can be used in baking. Many have found that mixing powdered stevia with erythritol gives the best taste for baking recipes. Here is a great brand for the liquid form of stevia, below you will find the powdered form.


Here is the powdered form that is best for baking. Again, Stevia is a leafy green plant that is native to South American. For centuries, native people have used it for certain home remedies but we can use it as a healthy, all natural, no calorie sweetener. It has two potent sweet compounds that are used from the leaf called Stevioside and Rebaudioside A. These have a very effective sweetening agent, so keep in mind that a little goes a long way. For the best taste when baking, many have found that mixing powdered stevia with erythritol gives the best results. This brand gives you great value in quality and quantity for the powdered version.


Erythritol is my second favorite sweetener, it is part of a group of compounds known as sugar alcohols. These groups don’t contain ethanol so you don’t have to worry about getting boozed up. Sugar alcohols can be found in many different places, ranging from fruits found in nature to all the “Sugar-free” snacks you see in the store. Erythritol is a type of sugar alcohol that stimulates the sweet taste buds when consumed but since our bodies don’t have the enzymes to break it down, it causes no spikes in blood sugar. The molecules get taken into the bloodstream which will eventually get excreted in the urine, practically unchanged. Most people won’t experience digestive issues with erythritol like other sugar alcohols, that is why this is my second favorite sweentener, next to Stevia.


Xylitol is another member of the sugar alcohol group. It would be my third option when choosing a sweetener since it seems to have some negative effects on digestion when over consumed. Xylitol can be made from certain trees like birch trees as well as from a plant fiber known as xylan that when processed becomes xylitol. This type of sweetener has shown to help in reducing plaque-forming bacteria in the mouth but it is not calorie-free. Unfortunately, it also can have a small spike in blood sugar for certain people with sever insulin resistance. That is why I would prefer stevia or erythritol before I choose xylitol, but all are much better choices than normal sugar, and yes even better than natural honey when fat loss is your goal.


This is a great tool to have in your kitchen, especially if your living a Low-carb lifestyle. This veggie spiralizer allows you to make delicious Zoodle recipes with zucchinis to help those pasta cravings you may get once in a while. You can also use it on other veggies to make beautiful salads and sautéed veggies.


If you have a busy schedule or want to find the simplest way to cook delicious family meals, then a slow cooker is a must!! It doesn’t get easier than prepping a slow roast recipe and letting it simmer for hours over night or while you are at work. Its makes meal prep day stress free, plus there are a huge variety of recipes to make in it. This particular slow cooker comes with a snap cover so can have a large hot meal to go!! Perfect for outdoor parties, camping, or tailgating at the big game, as long as you have a power source of course.


Let’s be honest, our culture is losing its ability to make home cooked meals. We are giving the control of our health to fast food chains that probably put more priority to their profits than in our health. Cooking at home gives you the control over ingredients and oils used to make your meals, which plays a big role in a body transformation as well as general health. Here is a good option of cookware to get you started.