Burn It Nutrition Podcast Losing 60lbs in 7Months & the key Pillars of Fat loss Show notes for Episode #1 This is the intro episode of the Burn it Nutrition podcast where we dive into the moment where I hit rock bottom and finally sparked a trigger that began my own body transformation. We also go into the key pillars to weight loss that are essential to be able to maintain progress. We like toRead More
Keto bacon pepperoni pizza

Bacon Pepperoni Keto Pizza

Keto Bacon Pepperoni Pizza Pizza is back on the LowCarb Menu! With the right ingredients, you can skip the Bloating & Weight Gain from Normal Pizza! I love Pizza just like any other Foodie & that’s why Keto Pizza with an almond flour crust is a life saver! Ingredients Dough ½ cup almond flour ½ cup coconut flour 2 cups mozzarella cheese 1 tbsp. psyllium husk powder 4 tbsp. cream cheese 1 large egg ½Read More
7 strategies to upgrade your cheat meals

7 Strategies to Upgrade your Cheat Meals

7  Strategies to upgrade your Cheat Meals We all have our weight loss goals and it’s important to work towards them every day. But let’s be honest, an impressive body transformation won’t happen overnight. It will take months of healthy lower carb choices to see drastic changes in body composition, but this doesn’t mean you must put your life on hold.   Here are 7 strategies that will help reduce the negative side effects ofRead More

My Body Transformation N=1 Experiment

My N=1 Experiment “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson When I began my body transformation the number on the scale was all I cared about. I was in my twenties and like most people my age, caring about other factors like cholesterol and blood sugar wasn’t my main concern. I still hadn’t realized that true health didn’t come from just dropping my overall body weight.Read More
Insulin Resistance – The Key Factor You Should Consider When I began my body transformation I weighed in at 278lbs with 40% body fat. I finally hit rock bottom and reached a point that triggered a change in my life. I began putting great effort into my diet, making sure to hit my hours of cardio and double checking my calories were counted right. I did this for 3 months motivated to change but to myRead More
5th Stage Keto Body Transformation Plan

Includes Audiobook & Ebook with RPT Training

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