Burn It Nutrition Podcast The History of Exercise & Training Methods Plus Where our Health Ranked as a Nation    Show notes for Episode #5 On today’s show, we take a tour through the ages to see the progression of how our ancestors worked out for their summer body, Learning their own training methods and finding ways to implement them into our lifestyle. We also go into the recent 2016 study that ranked the healthRead More
Burn It Nutrition Podcast Truth on Cholesterol and how Dietary Fats can be used Strategically The Burn it Nutrition Podcast is a show focused on health and fitness with the use of sound and stories to help illustrate the message. We want to help spark body transformations with the use of strategic methods for weight loss. This podcast will be releasing fun and interesting shows, that will be informative and motivational to help you reachRead More
Burn It Nutrition Podcast Insulin Resistance a Key weight loss factor you need to consider & Calories – do they really matter when fat loss is your goal?  Show notes for Episode #3 On today’s show we will learn about Insulin resistance and how it is affecting the lives of millions around the world. We will talk about ways of discovering if you have this syndrome and ways to improve it. I also, will shareRead More
Burn It Nutrition Podcast My N=1 Experiment & How body types matter when considering a fat loss approach Show notes for Episode #2 On today show we go over my N=1 Experiment where I go through the gauntlet of conflicting information in search of the correct methods. We dive into some of the strategies I used to drop 60lbs of pure fat in 7 months. I also share a short story that I use to remind myselfRead More
Burn It Nutrition Podcast Losing 60lbs in 7Months & the key Pillars of Fat loss Show notes for Episode #1 This is the intro episode of the Burn it Nutrition podcast where we dive into the moment where I hit rock bottom and finally sparked a trigger that began my own body transformation. We also go into the key pillars to weight loss that are essential to be able to maintain progress. We like toRead More
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