Burn It Nutrition Podcast The Human Microbiome & How Gut Health impacts weight loss & General Health!  Show notes for Episode #25 Today we will dive into the Human Microbiome and how the trillions of microorganisms all around us play a huge role in our overall health. To help us better understand the complexity of the microbiome we are bringing in one of the leading minds in this field, that is the very own Dr.Read More
Burn It Nutrition Podcast GMOs & Glyphosate!! The scary story that needs to be told!    Show notes for Episode #24 In today show we are going to discover of the monster your mother should have warned you about, we are going to hear a scary story and challenge your courage. You see today, we will be placing the spotlight on glyphosate, a lethal chemical that is sprayed all over the breakfast cereals many mothersRead More
Burn It Nutrition Podcast MCT Oil – Everything from the science to best sources! & Fueling for Endurance training like Marathons!     Show notes for Episode #23 To end this show we place the spotlight on MCT oil, by going into its history, the science and ways to find the best sources of this powerful fat sources and we bring in one of the leading minds in this field and that is Dr. Alvin Berger. ButRead More
Burn It Nutrition Podcast Keto on a Budget  Apply a Low Carb Diet when Money is Tight  Show notes for Episode #22 Learn to apply a low-carb keto lifestyle on a budget with practical tips and strategies to save you thousands! To end this show we cover the bare essentials to make a low carb keto lifestyle attainable even if you’re trying to keep the lights on. I hope you enjoy the show!! The Burn itRead More
Burn It Nutrition Podcast Weight loss Plateaus – Master Hormone Leptin – Learn how Leptin Resistance can affect fat loss!    Show notes for Episode #21 If you hit a weight loss stall, then this episode is a must! We cover the science of weight loss plateaus, by learning of the master hormone leptin and how it can make or break your weight loss goals. We will dive into the methods that allow this masterRead More
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