Burn It Nutrition Podcast Weight loss Plateaus – Master Hormone Leptin – Learn how Leptin Resistance can affect fat loss!    Show notes for Episode #21 If you hit a weight loss stall, then this episode is a must! We cover the science of weight loss plateaus, by learning of the master hormone leptin and how it can make or break your weight loss goals. We will dive into the methods that allow this masterRead More
Burn It Nutrition Podcast BFR-Blood Flow Restriction Training, Full Spotlight Show into the Science, Application & History     Show notes for Episode #20 On today’s show, The benefits of Blood Flow Restriction Training and learn practical ways of applying it. We also cover the people who could benefit from adding BFR training into their routine. Like those recovering from an injury, or those looking to improve sport specific abilities to even everyday people who want to seeRead More
Burn It Nutrition Podcast Possible LowCarb Keto Side Effects & How to Address them to Bring a Smooth Transition    Show notes for Episode #19 On today’s show, we cover the possible side effects of a Low Carb Keto Lifestyle, and more importantly, we learn how to address them to make for a smoother transition into an upgraded lifestyle! We also learn how to make a delicious Low Carb Pumpkin Soup! I hope you enjoyRead More
Burn It Nutrition Podcast Spotlight on UCAN Superstarch to learn how Low carb Athletes can Upgrade their Athletic Performance    Show notes for Episode #18 We place the spotlight on Generation UCAN’s Superstarch to learn how it can be applied to help athletes following a LowCarbb Lifestyle. We also discover the origins of the creation of UCAN Superstarch by learning of a families mission to improve the life of their son. We end this show by learning how to make theRead More
Burn It Nutrition Podcast Powerful ways to improve your Brain’s Performance & How Omega-3 Fatty Acids played a vital role in the Evolution of the Human Brain  Show notes for Episode #17 On today’s show, we learn about the powerful benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. To do this, we will hear about the battle for survival in the lives of two young men. As well as discovering how omega 3 fats played a vital roleRead More
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